Third Tribe Marketing: View From The Inside

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, so the recent IMTW Podcast with Ed Dale and Paul Colligan is the first I’d heard of the buzz about Third Tribe Marketing.

It’s a new community launched by Darren Rowse (aka Problogger), Brian Clark (aka CopyBlogger), Chris Brogan and Sonia Simone. Third Tribe membership is $47/month, and already has over 2,000 members.

I’m actually traveling again this week, to Australia. I’ll be on a panel with Darren Rowse at the Coming Home Seminar in Melbourne, and on this topic, so I decided to sign up and check it out.

The concept behind it is that there are basically two tribes: the dirty internet marketers :D who monetize everything online, and the social media evangelists that want to protect the social space from marketing clutter and spam.

Third Tribe is a meeting ground in between, where all groups can come together to discuss the topics and learn from each other…

The link is:

There is a discussion forum of course, but the members area also contains high quality content. There is a live training seminar every month, plus two Live Q&A calls for members. This month the topic is Building A Business Around A Blog. You get the one-hour audio, the PDF transcript and the Next Action Worksheet – along with a list of the links mentioned in the audio for easy access.

You can then use the forum to discuss the training topics, and specifically how you can best implement the ideas in your own business.

Another thing I like about the Third Tribe community is The Niche Corner. This is a great place to discuss niche-specific topics, or network with other bloggers or online business owners in your niche. It’s an ideal place to meet people for things like interviews or guest posting.

While there are many public forums on the net, there is something to be said for a private community where the members have qualified themselves as being serious enough about their business to invest in growth & networking.

And of course, if you’re from the dirty internet marketer tribe (lol) you already know the value of being involved with a group of people that each have an active PayPal account – and are paying $47/month to be there.

On a side note- I can only guess why Ed Dale wanted me on the panel for this topic alongside Darren Rowse, Dan Raine, and Yaro Starak. It shall be an interesting panel indeed! ;)

So far I am really impressed with Third Tribe. The 4 people behind this community are well-known both for their integrity and quality of content. And the forums are a goldmine of resources and networking opportunities.

This definitely met the criteria in my filter for making an investment in my blog and business. I know the value of just one connection or guest blogging opp goes far beyond the $47/month to be a member.

I am also seeing a lot of familiar faces inside Third Tribe. It will be a great space to communicate openly but privately, and also meet some cool new folks in the space.

Here are some great links if you’d like to read more about the launch & buzz of the new Third Tribe Marketing community:

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